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Estimating 4 Construction operates in the Windows enviroment and on the Mac OS

Estimating 4 Construction

Estimating 4 Construction is a unit cost estimating system that follows the Construction Specification Institute breakdown of jobs to Division and Cost Items. Each Cost Item has the cost item types of Material, Labor, Equipment and Subcontractor.

Choose to use the standard sixteen divisions or create your own. There is room for 99 divisions in E4C.

Each division has cost items.  For example, Division 4 may be Masonry. The cost items for Masonry could be 4100.00 Brick, 4200.00 Block and 4300.00 Stone.  Each of these cost items have the cost items types of material, labor, equipment, subcontract, and other.  You build your cost items with standard cost for each of the cost item types.  These standard cost will be brought into your estimate for a project.

Standard Adjustments can also be established.  These adjustments can apply to the total cost of the project of the totals for a cost item type. You may choose any or all of the standard adjust that may apply to the project.

The fee for the project can be a lump sum or a percentage.

Estimating cost items can be assigned to accounting cost item and the estimated exported as a text file.  This text file can be imported into a job cost accounting system such as Accounting 4 Construction.

Projects may be duplicated and adjustments made for a new estimate without affecting the estimate of the first project. This is very helpful when changes to the scope of the project are made or alternatives are offered.

E4C is simple but effective.  Low cost and Fast.

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Simple to Use

Estimating 4 Construction is a simple to use estimating template allowing you to build your estimating system based on unit cost estimating

Estimating 4 Construction

Estimating 4 Construction is a simple cost effective estimating system for Windows and Macintosh operating systems.