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Controller for the day

Software Constructors has over 30 years experience in construction accounting.  We provides a service at your site to review your financial and accounting operations.

This service can be annual, quarterly, or monthly.

We examine your financial statements making a quick audit and assist with adjustments and training to help you with a successful operation.

This service is great to get your books ready for your accountant and taxes most often at a fraction of the cost of a CPA.

Accounting Services

Software provides various levels of accounting services to the construction industry. Accounting professionals to meet your requirements.

Construction Accounting

Construction accounting is a simple yet complex process and most construction companies lack the expertise operate their accounting system using the basic rules for construction accounting. Many companies hire a solid bookkeeper who knows debits and credits but lacks the experience to provide self audited financial statements or to review their trial balance internally.

This is not a difficult process but the basic bookkeeping person may be a little overwhelmed with the process.  Sometimes they need a little hand holding and sometimes they just need someone to come in and take over this process for the day.

Monthly reviews and financial statements provide a month by month picture of the company.  This is not as simple as printing a financial statement from your accounting package.  Trail balance accounts must be verified and jobs examined for percentage of completion. 

This is extremely important at year end.

Software Constructors can provide this service to your company at a fraction of the cost of a full charge controller.  This will reduce tax preparation costs and provide you accurate financial statements throughout the year without that surprise from the tax accountant after your year is complete.

Day to Day Accounting

Software Constructors can also provide day to day accounting service to a construction company who needs the accounting and job cost control of a full construction accounting package yet does not have the account personnel available.

This service provides you with all the function of Accounting 4 Construction with the benefit of not having a ill charge bookkeeper on staff.

This services include payroll, accounts payable, cash disbursement, receivable, cash receipts, journal entries, job cost and contract management.